Tokyo Before Tokyo: Power and Magic in the Shogun’s City of Edo

Timon Screech(著)
Reaktion Books (イギリス版) 、University of Hawaii Press (アメリカ版)


Tokyo today is one of the world’s mega-cities and the center of a scintillating, hyper-modern culture—but not everyone is aware of its past. Founded in 1590 as the seat of the warlord Tokugawa family, Tokyo, then called Edo, was the locus of Japanese trade, economics, and urban civilization until 1868, when it mutated into Tokyo and became Japan’s modern capital.
This beautifully illustrated book presents important sites and features from the rich history of Edo, taken from contemporary sources such as diaries, guidebooks, and woodblock prints. These include the huge bridge on which the city was centered; the vast castle of the Shogun; sumptuous Buddhist temples, bars, kabuki theaters, and Yoshiwara—the famous red-light district. (出版社HPより引用)


Timon Screech(東京外国語大学 大学院国際日本学研究院 元特別招へい教授)
I am delighted that these two books appeared while I am in Japan and still attached to TUFS. It is appropriate, because both were written thanks to the wonderful double period I had as a visiting researcher at TUFS. During that time I enjoyed the university’s fine facilities and had the leisure to complete both projects. I will remain at TUFS until summer 2021, now on an unpaid post, working on my next book. I would like to express my deep thanks and appreciation to all at TUFS who have made these three stays possible.


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